” There is absolutely nothing more exciting to me than pushing outside my comfort zone”

Ski racing is one of my greatest passions, but most importantly I am in love with being an elite level athlete. There is absolutely nothing more exciting to me than pushing outside my comfort zone, and discovering new success and heights. Everything, from the 5 am workouts to the 30+ races, propels my body and mind to the limits and allows me to jump skis-first into intimidating challenges and ultimate rewards. As an athlete I am privileged to live my passion every single day, and I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to become a champion.

Music for Skiing

If there’s one thing that makes skiing 10x more enjoyable it’s music. Theres something so magical about rocking out while bombing down chutes or cruising through the trees: its boarder line euphoric. I made a playlist in 2017 for powder days and free skiing whenever I’m not racing. Now I associate those songs with good times and face shots (…

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Revelstoke Stoke

Nothing makes me more stoked to ski than watching great skiers ski… especially in Revelstoke. There really is no better feeling than being slightly outside your comfort zone but at the same time SO excited and skiing definitely embodies that. If you want to get totally fired up and excited for the snow to fall again then here’s a segment…

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Flow State!

This video blew my mind! I have a feeling any and all high achievers would really enjoy Steven Kotler’s work on flow-state. This is a fun quiz you can take to find out what key things help you access flow-state: https://www.flowgenomeproject.com/flow-profile Hope you enjoy this discovery as much as I did🙌🏻 Peace!

“Always compete with people far better than you” ~ Shaun White

Truly inspired by Shaun White and Ed Mylett:

Becoming a well rounded athlete

The goal of the off season is to diversify our abilities. All season we focus on and perfect what we already have good knowledge of, so it’s important that we try new things and strengthen our ability to learn and adapt. Not only is it a ton of fun to explore and be playful, but trying new sports is extremely…

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Canadians coming in hot!

Swiss Nationals was a success for the Canadian ladies 💪🏻 2nd Kelsey Serwa, 3rd me, 4th Alexa Velcic. I’ve also qualified for World Cup finals in Veysonnaz, Switzerland after some tough racing in Germany and Russia. The top 16 woman race at finals and I managed to claim the 16th spot. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this…

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Feldberg World Cup Germany

From not qualifying to a personal best qualification, watching the race from the side lines to a second ever World Cup small final! It was a wild ride of emotions from doubt to shaking I was so happy. Swinging from highs to lows like no other, all while trying to keep my back for relapsing. a sport psych once told…

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Back in the game 💪🏻

After much anticipation and suspense, begging my body to recover in time to finish the season, I have finally been cleared by my coach and physios to race. I had lots of treatment including needles, shock wave therapy, active release you name it, however the most helpful thing I found was de stressing. Who new stress could cause so much…

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Ran into myself at the Blue Mountain World Cup!

It was so cool to see such an energetic crowd cheering in the Canadians on home soil. It ended up being a successful day for the team, Brady Leman won for the second year in a row, MarielleThompson came 2nd, Britt Phelan came 4th after a disappointing crash in the finals, and Reece Howden pulled off another small final 7th…

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All smiles after the Sweden World Cup. The course was, as expected, fast and intimidating, however after the first run jitters were out it was nothing but fun and good racing. I had some tough heats stacked with world champions and Olympian’s but I was able to hold my own by winning a few starts and making passes. I’m pleased…

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2019 is looking like an exciting year!

I’m looking forward to an epic part two of an already rockin season. Next stop is Sweden for the Idre World Cup. Idre builds the biggest course on the World Cup circuit. It has a very technical start section into a straight away of massive lofty jumps that we hit at 80kmph…… I’m a little nervous… but mostly excited! Im…

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Racing is a roller coaster ride of emotions!

I started my first World Cup in Arosa with no idea what to expect, but I was excited, and nervous. I took a risky line in my qualifying run which cost me a few seconds and bumped me to 20th place (4 places away from moving on to the race). It definitely shook my mental game to watch the race…

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Here we goooooo!!!

After a massively extended pre season enough snow has finally fallen and races are a go here in Arosa Switzerland🙌🏻 Tomorrow will be the qualifications for my first World Cup and I am extremely excited!! We have done SO much training and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into action.

Tech appreciation post

I like the way the Canadian Ski Cross techs think. These guys put so much work and wax into our “fun sticks”. Fast skis play a major role in our success, races are sometimes won and lost by skis alone. On a straight drag race course the results are determined by how low you can tuck and what you waxed…

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Pray to the snow gods 🙏🏻

Unfortunately due to lack of snow the first World Cup in Val Thorens France has been canceled along with the third race in Montafon Austria. The International Ski Federation is currently looking for new venues to build tracks. We have no option now but to train until enough snow falls. We have spent 5 days in Solden training GS and…

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A big day in Pitztal

Today was my third day of training on the Pitztal Glacier in Austria. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day running heats with my teammate Mikayla. We are both on the development team but have been invited to ski World Cups with the National team. Naturally we want to prove that we belong here and are ready for the challenge,…

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Here we go!!

I could not be more fired up to hop on a plane tomorrow and go to a place where I get to do what I love every single day! Ill be in foreign places and different venues with strange people and a new team.  This is undoubtedly terrifying yet ridiculously exciting and I’m not quite sure what to make of…

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Well hotdiggitydawg time flys when you’re having fun… Training blocks are done and now it’s time to start racing!

Is This Real Life?!!!

After my most recent training camp in Saas Fee my coaches decided Im finally ready to race with the big dogs and compete in The Cross Alps Tour!! The Cross Alps is a series of World Cups back to back in Europe, It starts in Val Thorens, France, next stop Arosa, Switzerland moving to Montafon, Austria and lastly Innichen, Italy.…

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Music as a performance enhancing drug

Rolling up to the mountain in the team van blasting Madonna is one of my favourite ways to start the day. I can’t think of a time during a training camp, race or workout where I wouldn’t listen to music. I play music as I make breakfast, in the lodge warming up, on the chairlift, in the start corral of a…

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Just thought I’d swing this by ya couldn’t resist that classic Saas shot

Taming your mammoth

https://el2.fourhourmail.com/c/p9u938zdpb9hldxk7/rki8hoheqzr7l/aHR0cHM6Ly93YWl0YnV0d2h5LmNvbS8yMDE0LzA2L3RhbWluZy1tYW1tb3RoLWxldC1wZW9wbGVzLW9waW5pb25zLXJ1bi1saWZlLmh0bWw= This is one of the most accurate and empowering articles I’ve read in a long time. How well I ski is strongly dependent on if I care what others think or not. The minute I decide to ignore superficial judgments I instantly preform better.

Air time

During our training camp in Chile we met some like minded athletes with different methods of getting down the mountain. Heres a picture of my teammates getting air on two boards with a two wheeler. No discrimination on Canada ski cross, whatever you ride we’ll shred with you!

Hooked on a Chile high Thank you @jet_label for making year round training possible🏻 . . . . #grateful #skicross #canskiteam #optoutside #weareskiing #livebeyond #summerskiing #training #ski

Met a friend this morningthis little guy climbs to the top of the mountain everyday #inspirational

Not a bad deal🌶

Kicking things off right in Chile and so ready to get back in the groove

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee️

That feeling️Thanks for the adventure @tianagairnz @zoechore :@miki_martin

Learning the ropes with @miki_martin 🤙🏻

Up z hill down z hill

Ending the season of right with the best️ @miki_martin @tianagairnz @gavin_12 alexa_velcic

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/ending-the-season-of-right-with-the-best️-@miki_martin-@tianagairnz-@gavin_12-alexa_velcic.mp4" /]

Off days aren’t so off like when there’s mountains to climb #thebuiscuitwasbuttery

Oh hey Spring🏻 Happy flippen earth day🌎️ #earthday

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/oh-hey-spring🏻-happy-flippen-earth-day🌎️-earthday.mp4" /]

No place I’d rather be😎 Race days = Best days

Not sure what I’m doing but I like it🏻 Stoked to be here in Red Mountain for the last race of season️

Thanks Euro Land!! It’s always good times️

Grassgaren Germany SX start

One of my favourite parts of Racing is being in the start gate of the big finals. There is no better feeling than the combination of excitement,anticipation, nerves,and pure focus in the moment. 05EF56AF-0A32-452A-BF9C-48CAFF4CFB82

Sometimes you gotta bend the rules a lil bit The view was worth ducking a fence or two @courtneyhoffos_ Thanks for getting the shot

Great day for a great ski️

Cruising around Ottawa before heading over to Deutschland #esketit

Heats canceled but good thing us Canadians were quick in qualifications #podiumsweeps #canskiteam

Jumping into a month long racing block Let’s goooo!! @courtneyhoffos_

[video src="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/vp/fe220bf191c7cee6b7e8287b8931a938/5A85DA08/t50.2886-16/27980976_268876266980654_4070940629314568192_n.mp4" /]

Had an absolute blast throwin on the old speed suit and shredding some downhill… unfortunately on race day I over shot the jump straight to my face but don’t worry I’m just a little bruised up and should be good to go in a couple days🏻 #backseatsunday

Blue sky’s, fast skis, big smiles️

Loving life just a little…had a couple great races this weekend on home town turf @sunridgeskiteam happy to be walking away with a win and a 5th️

Throw back to summer time happiness️

First race of the season is on January 13th and 14th at Sunridge in Edmonton!! It’s a late start due to lack of snow and I am champing at the bit to go fast!!

2017 has been a wild ride🍾SO excited for 2018 and all the shinanagins it may bring🏻 #letthegoodtimesroll #jetlabel

Loving quality family time before nonstop racing hits…so grateful for this place and these people️

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you’re wearing elephant pants and tie dye #swaggy #gymlife

Racers enter the start gate…Racers ready…Attention… #getdownthere

[video src="https://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/racers-enter-the-start-gate...racers-ready...attention...-getdownthere.mp4" /]

Canada Ski Cross vs Rug Rats #finalsstressrelief #theycheated #tillnexttime

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/canada-ski-cross-vs-rug-rats-finalsstressrelief-theycheated-tillnexttime.mp4" /]

Saturday free ski feels

This country never disappoints🇨🇦 always love the road trips with my team and awesome views #weouthere #natureskindacool

Comin in hot!!🌶 after 8 days of running this start section we got it dial’d • • #canskiteam #skicross #pullinstartsandbreakinhearts #purecanada

Stupidly in love with this sport Can’t wait for races to begin!!

Makin arcs and breakin hearts Having another great training camp in Panorama and getting amped for the season!

Dream team ~ These girls are always challenging me to move outside my comfort zone #newhieghts #canskiteam #skicross #purecanada

Out n’ about🇨🇦 #canadaeh

Cappuccino + Downhill = happy mornings

Hitting the gym after a long week of training🙄 #shouldhavestayedinbedmonday #stillgonnasendit

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/hitting-the-gym-after-a-long-week-of-training🙄-shouldhavestayedinbedmonday-stillgonnasendit.mp4" /]

Feeling jet powered shout out to @athletesnationone for all the years of support🏻

Rollin😎…. I pulled 40 starts today… I can’t feel my arms… or my legs… Stoked on progress though #panoramaresort #purecanada

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/rollin😎....-i-pulled-40-starts-today...-i-cant-feel-my-arms...-or-my-legs...-stoked-on-progress-t.mp4" /]

Putting in lots of work to make these agents of happiness as fast as possible #fastskiswinraces #everdaygrind #waxonwaxoff

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/putting-in-lots-of-work-to-make-these-agents-of-happiness-as-fast-as-possible-fastskiswinraces-everd.mp4" /]

Dreaming about waves but definitely not sad about the snow🏻‍♀️⛷ #wintersurfing ?

Feeling the kinda feels only skiing gives me …. so grateful for Jet Label supporting my passion🏻 #canadaskicross #happydays

Back in the pain cave pushing watts #maxaerobicpower #diggingdeep

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/back-in-the-pain-cave-pushing-watts-maxaerobicpower-diggingdeep.mp4" /]

The fleet sittin pretty #alltunedupandreadytogo

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/the-fleet-sittin-pretty-alltunedupandreadytogo.mp4" /]

Thankful to the snow gods for sending a lil love our way!! T minus one week until I’m back on skis🏻 #Canskiteam #Skiingismylife

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall…! #bringonthesnow #winteriscoming

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/it’s-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-fall...-bringonthesnow-winteriscoming.mp4" /]

Excited to launch my new blog soon! #comingsoon #followme

Gettin a lil air😎 #workinprogress #babysteps

[video src="http://abby.jet-label.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/gettin-a-lil-air😎-workinprogress-babysteps.mp4" /]

Exctited to be partnering with Jet Lable this season!! #success #gobigorgohome @alpinecanada