Taming your mammoth

https://el2.fourhourmail.com/c/p9u938zdpb9hldxk7/rki8hoheqzr7l/aHR0cHM6Ly93YWl0YnV0d2h5LmNvbS8yMDE0LzA2L3RhbWluZy1tYW1tb3RoLWxldC1wZW9wbGVzLW9waW5pb25zLXJ1bi1saWZlLmh0bWw= This is one of the most accurate and empowering articles I’ve read in a long time. How well I ski is strongly dependent on if I care what others think or not. The minute I decide to ignore superficial judgments I instantly preform better.

Air time

During our training camp in Chile we met some like minded athletes with different methods of getting down the mountain. Heres a picture of my teammates getting air on two boards with a two wheeler. No discrimination on Canada ski cross, whatever you ride we’ll shred with you!

Grassgaren Germany SX start

One of my favourite parts of Racing is being in the start gate of the big finals. There is no better feeling than the combination of excitement,anticipation, nerves,and pure focus in the moment. 05EF56AF-0A32-452A-BF9C-48CAFF4CFB82