Music for Skiing

If there’s one thing that makes skiing 10x more enjoyable it’s music. Theres something so magical about rocking out while bombing down chutes or cruising through the trees: its boarder line euphoric. I made a playlist in 2017 for powder days and free skiing whenever I’m not racing. Now I associate those songs with good …

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Revelstoke Stoke

Nothing makes me more stoked to ski than watching great skiers ski… especially in Revelstoke. There really is no better feeling than being slightly outside your comfort zone but at the same time SO excited and skiing definitely embodies that. If you want to get totally fired up and excited for the snow to fall …

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Flow State!

This video blew my mind! I have a feeling any and all high achievers would really enjoy Steven Kotler’s work on flow-state. This is a fun quiz you can take to find out what key things help you access flow-state: https://www.flowgenomeproject.com/flow-profile Hope you enjoy this discovery as much as I did🙌🏻 Peace!