Becoming a well rounded athlete

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The goal of the off season is to diversify our abilities. All season we focus on and perfect what we already have good knowledge of, so it’s important that we try new things and strengthen our ability to learn and adapt.

Not only is it a ton of fun to explore and be playful, but trying new sports is extremely helpful for me to identify areas I can improve and grow in.

Something really cool I learned from water skiing is that mind set is everything. I was having a lot of trouble getting up on one ski, I’d try over and over but wasn’t getting any better. I went home and listened to Dave Aspreys podcast (Bullet Proof Radio) and learned that as humans we can make things hard for ourselves by believing things will be hard before we even do it! So instead of letting our humanness get the best of us it’s possible to shift our mind set to believe things can be easier, and then it just may be that things are easy.

The next time I went water skiing I visualized myself getting pulled out of the water with ease over and over until I believed I could… and like magic I popped out of the water with ease and I’ve gotten up every single time since.

Doing my best to shift my mind set towards “believing I can” before hand has helped me lift more weights in the gym and push further in new endeavours with far less frustration and a lot more ease.



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