Ran into myself at the Blue Mountain World Cup!

It was so cool to see such an energetic crowd cheering in the Canadians on home soil. It ended up being a successful day for the team, Brady Leman won for the second year in a row, MarielleThompson came 2nd, Britt Phelan came 4th after a disappointing crash in the finals, and Reece Howden pulled off another small final 7th which is very impressive for his first year on the circuit.

Unfortunately I could not race due to a back injury I incurred over the last few races. I some how managed to compress and tork my back causing it to sieze. I’m on the mend now with the help of 3 physios, my trainer, and an osteopath.

Injuries are never an easy thing to deal with. I’ve been on such a high from the intensity and excitement of racing with the national team and now I’m laying in bed all day because I can’t move. It’s difficult to stay positive and focused but I know if I take care of myself now it will set me up for a long injury free career. I look forward to a fast recovery and can’t wait to finish the season off strong💪🏻


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