Music as a performance enhancing drug

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Rolling up to the mountain in the team van blasting Madonna is one of my favourite ways to start the day.

I can’t think of a time during a training camp, race or workout where I wouldn’t listen to music. I play music as I make breakfast, in the lodge warming up, on the chairlift, in the start corral of a race, in the tuning room as I wax my skis, or in the club when I celebrate a win! Whether it’s Niki Minaj or Metallica, music has been an essential part of my career, inspiring me to do what I do better and bigger.

I never understood that by listening to music I was profoundly enhancing my performance and positively altering my emotional state. As I continue to work towards optimal athletic performance I look for anything that can help me move the ball an inch or two in the right direction and music is one of those things. Music can reduce your rate of perceived effort by 12% and improve your endurance by 15%. No matter the genre any upbeat song that is 120bpm or more can help you push your physical limits.

Some of my favourite jams to get in the zone are:

  • The Glitch Mob- We Can Make the World Stop
  • Dennis Lloyd- Nevermind
  • The Hives- Hate to Say I Told You So
  • The White Stripes- Seven Nation Army
  • Hilltop Hoods- The Nosebleed Section
  • Dynoro- In My Mind
  • Dr.Dre- Still ft. Snoop dogg
  • 50 Cent- If I Cant


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